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You can now play the Deal or No Deal game on your own computer. There are currently four websites that have versions of the Deal or No Deal game that you can play. They all have a slightly different round structure to the current game being played on the UK version on Channel 4, but it's only really the number of boxes that you open before you get an offer from the banker..

Usa Version Deal or No Deal

Kapamilya Deal or No Deal is after Pinoy Movie Hits every 6:00 pm from Monday to Friday.


Welcome to Kapamilya DOND

A Fan Site of the popular TV game show Kapamilya Deal or No Deal

With it's tag-line of 'A quarter of a million pounds.... 22 identical sealed boxes.... and no questions.... Except one... DEAL or NO DEAL?' Deal or No Deal is becoming a VERY popular primetime game show.

The game is very simple to play and provides the contestants the chance to win BIG money prizes, but the simplicity of the game and the high stakes provide a very dramatic and entertaining game show. Deal or No Deal also marks the return of TV entertainment 'legend' Noel Edmonds as the host.

Here at dond we provide somewhere for the growing number of fans of the gameshow to chat about the show and express views, opinions and have a bit of fun.

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If you fancy having a go at the game yourself you can have a go HERE, I'm afraid the money is not real but it is a bit of fun

Check out the Stats section where you can find a breakdown of every game of Deal or No Deal. Visit Stats section by Clicking

UPDATE: Stats section now has a highlights package of stats from the first 100 games of Deal or No Deal showing various interesting stats.

Hit Int�l show Deal or No Deal is now a Kapamilya

After the success of the Big Brother franchise, ABS-CBN continues its collaboration with Endemol through its recent acquisition of the worldwide game show craze Deal or No Deal which airs June 5 replacing Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition on ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida Block. Queen of Talk Kris Aquino will host Endemol's riveting game show contestants can win as high as 1 million pesos to as low as 50 centavos.

Kapamilya Deal or No Deal is tension-filled game show where a contestant must choose one briefcase from among 26. Each briefcase contains a particular amount, ranging from 50 centavos to one million pesos. It is only when a contestant chooses a briefcase that he/she discovers its value which is flashed on the screen. As the briefcases are opened, a Banker will offer an amount in exchange for the contestant�s briefcase. At this point, the host will ask the contestant, the famous Deal-No Deal question. If the contestant is confident that his/her briefcase has a higher value than the Banker�s offer, he/she can refuse the deal. The host will then continue to open the remaining briefcases until the amount of the contestant�s briefcase is revealed.

Here�s the catch: should the remaining briefcases yield lower values, the contestant has no choice but to accept the Banker�s lower offer. To win, the contestant must choose wisely between a deal and no-deal situation. In a deal situation, the contestant must make sure that his/her briefcase yields a lower amount higher than what the Banker offered. On other hand, in a no-deal situation, the amount of the contestant�s briefcase must be higher than the Banker�s offer.

You can be a contender on the show by simply texting DEAL <name/age/gender/address/landline number> and send to 2331 for Globe, Touch Mobile and Sun Cellular subscribers and 231 for Smart, Talk N Text and Addict Mobile subscribers.

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